Sunday, February 07, 2010

More on Marriage

(fm the BC thread "Beach head")

On an early thread a few weeks ago I went a couple of rounds with Teresita about sincere homosexual couples with a legal issue and grievance collectors seeking a wedge to deconstruct Western Civilization. If there really are 400 State and 1,000 Federal regulations where it matters then my first thought is to take a close look at that forest and start pruning. As far as I can tell Federal Regulations should only apply to a limited range of issues;
1. Immigration,
2. Armed Forces, signing for minors, alimony, inheritance,
     visitation and notification,
3. Family and inheritance laws in Unorganized Territories.

Note that recruitment into the Forces is a separate issue, we are talking about marriage here. For the third and some of the second set of issues binding contracts could be recognized with legislative assistance that do not touch on the word "marriage." Immigration is already subject to political manipulation. Obama rescinded the bar on Aids patients entering the country. That gives the politically active HIV positive community a privilege over those suffering from other communicable diseases.

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