Thursday, February 04, 2010

Comments on the Belmont Club:
"Until Tomorrow"

Events dear boy, events.
Harold Macmillon

I wonder if there are places where we can watch aspiring young idiots and catalog them for plucking later.
1. Model UN
2. Congress (well Barney is young at heart)
3. in any elective course where Foucault is on the curriculum

My suspicion is that it might make more sense to identify wannabe thought police nazi mothers. They do tend to roost in committees. While the apple does sometimes role from the tree that is often the places to look for saplings or saps.

buddy larsen,
Is "Raining" Arizona comparable to "Wheeling" West Virginia?

What we need is a great feat of strength.
Au contraire! Now that you're here with me, what we have is great strength of feet!

~ Robin Hood: Men in Tights

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