Friday, October 16, 2009

The Tragedy of Orthanc

(from the BC thread "Buy one take ten")
(who commented on the death of the spiteful false savior)
And yet Saruman, like Sauron and Gandalf/Mithrandir/Olorin was of the Maier. He had participated in and had heard the music of the Ainur at the beginning. He had seen Eru Iluvatar. He knew better, that was why he is a tragic character.

Imagine knowing what perfection is and knowing that you have fallen to being a parody of a parody (Sauron) of a parody (Morgoth) of the One.

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Ashen said...

Hey dude, I tracked back from BC to here. I didn't know u had your own space!! I'm wondering if you have ever read Raymond Feist's books? One in particular, "Darkness at Sethanon". It's the final in a four part series. Basically an evil army is motivated by a " great leader" and only after thief timely defeat is it revealed that the leader was an imposter who used an entire race to execute his vision. I read it many years ago and never realized the morality play within until I grew older. Take care