Monday, October 26, 2009

Comment on American Thinker
"Obama Comes To The Mainland"

While I agree with most of the comments here I want to caution everyone to avoid one trap that can destroy the credibility of those questioning Obama's status as a natural born citizen. His adoption by Soetero did nothing to change his status in US law. Think about it this way, an American girl marries a man from some foreign country, say Saudi Arabia, it happens all the time. They have a child, say a daughter, and then the marriage breaks up. The husband returns to his homeland and takes the child with him. In the opinion of his country that child is now a citizen of Saudi Arabia and will be raised as such. However if that child ever escapes from there and returns to the United States what do you think the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer will say to them when they present themselves for admission? They will simply smile and say "Welcome home." No foreign court can take away your United States citizenship.

My guess is that there is some information in his school records that he claimed to be a foreign student to get financial aid. It is possible that he traveled on an Indonesian passport after his 18th birthday. Either of those could be used to challenge his eligibility to serve as President.

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