Friday, October 09, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"Exit, stage left; exeunt stage right"

(On the Nobel Peace Prize)

I'm surprised they didn't give it to Chamberlain and Hitler.

Some Americans will actually be swayed by the Nobel. Others will be generally offended by the crude efforts to manipulate our internal politics.

This may give people some sympathy for how the people of Honduras feel as they face efforts by the same foreign elites aligned to thugs and dictators to ram an unconstitutional regime down their throats.

(who asked if the Catholics canonized anyone still alive)
The Good Thief.

People are still expecting the “big one” to hit like a deux ex machina and provoke a resurgence of national will. That is magical thinking and it concedes the initiative to the enemy. If you have let your foe into your OODA loop then that is your problem.

I do not expect another attack unless the frog attempts to jump out of the water. Right now the Democrats hope that the frog is so traumatized already that it will sit still until the flesh falls off its bones. The biggest worry that BHO, Pelosi and Napolitano have is the returning veterans. They have two reasons to be unhappy.

1) Their sacrifices in a war they were winning are being thrown away, as were their father’s 40 years ago.

2) The Democrats have been engaged in a wide ranging and successful, for evidence see Senator Al Franken, conspiracy to throw away the votes of members of the armed forces.

My expectation, fusing this topic with that of a prior thread, is that we will soon see a string of “crazed veterans” themed movies, TV plots and cutting edge theatrical works.

Oct 9, 2009 - 2:27 pm

In completely unrelated news the Department of Commerce cleared the purchase of Publisher's Clearing House by an overseas conglomerate controlled by Bertelsmann, Lukoil and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. In their first press release the new owners announced that to their "surprise and delight" the winner of both this year's and next year's Grand Prize was Barack Obama.

When visiting China he discovers a small key in a fortune cookie that happens to fit a small box, containing the access code to a Swiss bank account, that was accidentally left in his room. While having the appetizers at a State Banquet in Malaysia he will be astounded to discover a perfect pearl in every oyster.
/sarkity sark sark

Oct 9, 2009 - 4:01 pm

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