Monday, October 12, 2009

The Best

(from the BC thread "Changing places")

the transnational, transgendered clowns that ... self-immolated in WWI

One correction. It was not the poseurs who died in WW-I, it was the best that Western Civilization had. The real aristocrats inspected their troops feet and then lead them over the top and walked into the machine gun fire of the Somme. In one day the British lost more men than the Americans had during the three days of Gettysburg exactly 52 years earlier. British casualties on July 01, 1916 totaled over 57,000, meaning that one out of every thousand inhabitants of United Kingdom were lost in one day. Make that one out 250 men of fighting age. For the officer corps, the true aristocrats and the educated urban professionals who truly believed in and built and lead Western Civilization, the proportion was much larger. They never recovered.

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