Saturday, October 03, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"The Ego has Landed"

And from Chicago a reporter said the city was heartbroken.
Or maybe the city was housebroken

Chicago is not housebroken.

Annoy Mouse,
(who rated the prostitutes in each olympic candidate city)
Thank you for your exhausting research. We can expect your grant application when?

Obama needs a victory. Like the English Schoolmaster who would bring the least offensive boy in the class up to the front to thrash he now must find a victim. Screwing Poland wasn't good enough and is old news already. My guess is that he would love to hurt Israel but he knows they will punch back. Who will his victim be? India maybe in some trade and visa rampage? Maybe he will find some way to do dirty by South Korea? Perhaps he will send the Marines into Honduras to salve his wounded pride? I will pull a victim out of a hat and predict that something horrible will happen to Taiwan with Obama's connivance.

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