Monday, October 26, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club

Comparisons between the American and the English polities are unreliable. We truly are as Shaw said, "Two peoples separated by a common language." In America the concept of a Yeoman Democracy was taken seriously. Military officers are discouraged from entering the Civil Service, they get fewer points than enlisted members, and with few exceptions, such as South Carolina, state legislatures were rapidly selected by the widest possible enfranchisement of the free citizenry.

American movies were about the average doughboy of WW-I or the GI Joe of WW-II and he was a pretty shrewd mature and even noble figure as portrayed. British films were generally about the officers and even when the "other ranks" were portrayed it was generally as shining examples of feudal sacrifice. An American warship can get underway, navigate across the ocean, and fire its weapons, with no officers on board. A Russian ship could not get underway. The crew of a Royal Navy vessel might have the technical know how but would they have the initiative given that they lack the cultural models to act on?

In England the Tories and the Whigs/Liberals/Labour competed to expand the franchise, with the Conservatives pushing hardest to broaden the lower orders, but the culture remained far more rigid and upward mobility was much rarer then in the States. Most Americans looking at the rise of the BNP may be shocked but are unaware at the deep contempt that all educated English, whether old Tory snobs or modernizing Labour technocrats have had for generations for the masses and their Yob culture of Beer, Footer and violence.

The contempt that the Left in America directs at Fly Over Country and Nascar America is a recent affectation done in imitation of their European models. Nothing would please the Axelrod Pelosi left as much as a BNP type nativist movement that justifies their ghettoizing and debasing the people who successfully built and defended America. Nothing terrifies them as much as the prospect of an alliance between Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin that could offer an alternative to the European model.

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