Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Threats Big and Small

(fm the BC thread "Code review")

all small bacteria originated 3.7 bn years ago are still with us
So bureaucrats are immortal?

(who linked another NYT story naming a CIA asset)
If the NY Times had tried stuff like this during Korea or WW-II the relatives of US casualties would have converged en masse on their headquarters and cleaned the place out, as millions cheered.

(who noted how hard it is to build a secure system)
Back in 1986 I was very briefly assigned a collateral duty as Information Security Officer for COMNAVSURFPAC (N-2), Intelligence. The accompanying Instruction helpfully suggested that all computers be disconnected from telephone lines and placed more than X number of feet from windows, walls or embedded power lines. See how easy it is to be secure?

(who noted a story by a radio show caller)
I don't believe it. Real threats are real but there is no infrastructure in place capable of scanning photos of random crowds and picking out some job candidates wife and then informing the guys interviewing him. That is tin foil hat level crazy. The real threats are bad enough. My suggestion is that you stop relying on the Grauniad and anonymous radio callers. The wiki would be more reliable. The Guardian is promoting the infiltration of the immigrants to transform society and the campaigns of sedition that provoke the BNP reaction covered in the last thread.

The acquittal of the two trespassers who claimed they acted to prevent war crimes was one of the more serious fire breaks that have struck against Western civilization. The masturbatory glee of left wing lawyers at deconstructing the defenses of a safe law abiding society is what empowers the reactionaries. They do it partly because the resulting right wing activity stimulates funding for the left. Police state surveillance is something to fight but there is a legitimate role for trained professionals to be identifying and removing real threats.

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