Wednesday, October 21, 2009


(from the BC thread "Somewhere in time")

I've met Hillary Clinton 4 times. I believe the technical term for her condition is Nuts. The room temperature drops when she enters. Many of her supporters, called the PUMAs for Party Unity My Ass, were a lesbian cabal. They brought some numbers and energy to the McCain campaign the final months but also brought emotional instability, a propensity for infighting and domineering and confusion on policy and principles. They may have repelled some social conservative voters who stayed home on election day. While Libertarian conservatives may support them on some issues they would not support them on others where they Hillary supporters stood for big government Democratic Party ideas.

Every political movement is an alliance of interest groups and eventually I hope to see studies of the 2008 campaign that will indicate why core center right voters did not come out to vote for McCain in sufficient numbers while enough of the equivalent voters on the Democratic side did go to the polls, despite the obvious extremist elements that were associated with the Obama movement. Nothing that this administration has attempted should be a surprise but I suspect that a sizable number of Democratic Party voters are saying that they just didn't know.

Fortunately the tax payers will not have to support lifetime Secret Service protection for Hillary Clinton. Just 15 more months until she and her husband are 10 years out of the White House. Jimmy Carter we are stuck with.

(who corrected my error, the Clintons get lifetime protection)
My bad, thank you.

Hope the poor sods assigned to her detail get their choice of a next assignment.

Oct 21, 2009 - 11:57 am

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