Friday, October 16, 2009

An Invasion Denied

(fm the BC thread "Buy one take ten")
(who had an OT on reaction to Geert Wilders being allowed into the UK)

Tie it back into the thread topic. This is easy. Radical Muslims refuse to assimilate and accept the core Western values of tolerance, rule of law and comity that permit free citizens to share a political space. They openly proclaim that they are part of an invading army that is subjugating the host victim, only they are not usually bearing arms and they do not meet the other standards (discipline, identifiable uniform or device, state sponsorship, openly bearing arms) of lawful combatants under the Geneva Conventions. The politicians and their enablers refuse to acknowledge the reality that these invaders admit to. To refuse to do so is insane.

In fact a clever apologist could argue that they do in fact meet the Geneva standards if we would only acknowledge it and treat them as such. They have a written code and guide, in the Koran and Hadith and receive detailed instructions from an organized chain of command. They wear identifiable uniforms, the long brown coats and full beards of the men and burqas of the women, that are specifically designed to set them apart and identify them. They are funded and supported by the Saudi government and agents of the Saudi royal family. The only standard they fail to meet is that they carry weapons secretly, although they openly proclaim their intent to do so.

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