Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comment on PJM, The Rosett Report
"First They Came for Fox News"

Rupert Murdoch is a businessman with his own interests. Conservatives do themselves no favor if they fall into the trap of expecting him to be their ideological voice or savior. He is smart enough to see an underserved market and is happy to pick it up. His other interests include extensive investments in China and we should not be surprised if that effects the perspective that his other outlets bring to stories.

After the NYT ran at a discounted price the "General Betray Us" ad George Bush should have thrown them out of the White House and issued an Executive Order that no government funds may be expended to purchase or support their product, except for cooperation with pool reportage arrangements established under prior agreements.

It is sad to think that the White House press room was built over the swimming pool that was constructed for the polio stricken FDR. That facility was paid for with dimes collected from America's schoolchildren. There is no reason to have the Press in the White House. They could be relocated to the Old Executive Office Building. It makes a good slogan, "Send the Old SOBs to the Old EOB."

NBC including MSNBC is a GE subsidiary. The web of financial links between GE and this administration and the ways in which they intend to profit from regulations and legislation that are destructive to the national security and to the economy as a whole are a story that is slowly coming out and which efforts will be made to suppress.

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