Monday, October 12, 2009

On Moderation

(from the BC thread "The End")

Mad Fiddler,
For the record, I specifically disavow the use of violence to overthrow the government. Anyone posting any such advocacy must be regarded as utterly irresponsible and most likely an agent provocateur, intent upon creating suspicion and hostile response to Pajamas Media, our gracious host, and to free speech in general.

You are correct here. We can expect that Mobys will infiltrate the blogs in an effort to discredit us by posting needlessly inflammatory statements or even attempt to entrap people into making or concurring with statements that can be seen as legally actionable by a hostile prosecutor. Do I think that Holder is capable of being a party to such a tactic? Will a defense plea of entrapment work? Need you ask? We must keep these lines of communication open and look out for each other.

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