Thursday, December 02, 2010

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll -
Rasmussen Reports™ 12-02-2010

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

The extended drama of the implosion of Obama's Presidency continues. Like the death throws of some large beast it takes time and presents as a series of struggles, rallies, and declines.

A look at the overall Presidential Approval Index shows that the pattern of Step Function like declines, punctuated by partial recoveries, continues.

Today his strong positives are reported as only 22%. That is even lower than I had thought they could sink to. The man has a natural floor of committed socialists, racists and die hard loyalists or co-conspirators who will ride down with him to oblivion, or near to it. His Strong Disapproval number has even improved slightly up to -39%. This gives him an overall standing of minus seventeen (-17%) for the day. It is possible that a perceived crisis, such as tension in Korea, could make respondents reluctant to voice strong disapproval but significantly may no longer afford a rise in his strong approval rating. One day averages are not what is important but trends and standing over time are. My expectation remains, although things are happening slower than I had anticipated a year ago, that over the next several months his strong disapproval rating will rise up to and remain at the minus 45-48% range and his strong approval number will settle at 22-23% of the population of likely voters. When a week passes with his total Job Approval below 40% and his Index rating at -25% then the Democrats may seek to remove him.

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