Monday, December 06, 2010

Comment on PJM, Ed Driscoll »
‘Read My Lips, No New Taxes—Until 2013′

Ed Driscoll » ‘Read My Lips, No New Taxes—Until 2013′

From Ed Driscoll:
1. My friend Hugh Hewitt is apoplectic about the 2-year deal, but it seems to set up 2012 nicely. Vote for us to keep your taxes from rising. Vote for them and they’ll go up guaranteed: it’s baked right into the law.

To clever by half.

The Republicans should insist on a 30 month extension. They can pressure Democratic Senators before the 2012 election but let the voters know that it will be the new Congress and President who will determine what happens. That should sweep the board, and may even get some Donks to cross the aisle.

What we need are some Amendments and one I want high on the list is the elimination of the Lame Duck session in Congress. The New Congress meets January 3rd under the XXth Amendment. Under Article I, sect 4 cl. ii Congress and the States can set the date of the election.

My recommendation is that an Amendment specify that Congress shall adjourn before a scheduled election and that should the President desire to call either or both Houses into session before the date stipulated then those members newly elected shall be sworn in and shall serve. Provision shall be made for the Speaker and other officers to remain in office and they may assist in any transition. Returning Members may conduct inquiries and hearings while Congress is adjourned. Departing Members may remain under oath and receive compensation for up to 90 days after an election to assist in any transition.

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