Friday, December 31, 2010

Comment on Popular Mechanics:
China and Taiwan War -
U.S. Chinese Military Relations

China and Taiwan War - U.S. Chinese Military Relations - Popular Mechanics

Others have thought that the United States would retire from a limited war with a bloody nose. Osama bin Laden admitted he was surprised at the magnitude of America's response. 69 years ago Yamamoto warned the Japanese Imperial Staff that America was a consensual democracy and would resort to total war if attacked. 20% of Americans always have and always will resort to self flagellation exemplified by one commentator above. The majority will respond with cold fury. Ballistic missile attacks by a real enemy nation, not some amorphous terror cells with cut outs fading into civilian cover, will unite America and unleash a killing machine.

If China wants Taiwan it will have to do it the slow way by buying it piecemeal. If the Chinese economy implodes then Taiwan may end up buying China.

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