Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Comment on National Review Online - The Corner,
Mike Potemra: Claire Berlinski on Palin

Claire Berlinski on Palin - By Mike Potemra - The Corner - National Review Online

Largely agree that Romney is saddled with his Health Care position, and will not repudiate it. He is likely to be the next dead Republican candidate walking in a long line that stepped into that role and through the floor.

The best campaigners against Democrats (not unfortunately in the primaries) the GOP had in 2008 are to old now, Rudy and Fred Thompson. In this cycle I am thinking of Gov. Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal. They will both be attacked as inexperienced on foreign policy and Jindal will be attacked on religious grounds. Just read, if you can stand it, the archives on Charles Johnson's LGF to see that waiting on the shelf. It isn't fair but Palin set the mold for how to attack the GOP.

The best way to ensure cover on the international credentials is to surround with an accredited team, John Bolton and David Petreaus (if he is available) and Senators like McCain who are not running. My position here is that the GOP should run on domestic competence and assure the public that they have the adults ready to step in on foreign policy.

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