Friday, December 24, 2010

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Midnight Money for Durban III

The Rosett Report » Midnight Money for Durban III

If the NY State Democrats and GOP had not completely run off the rails they could step up to the plate. At one time the Democrats, please remember that Jeanne Kirkpatrick and Daniel Patrick Moynihan were Democrats, had backbone.

If the Governor and Mayor of New York wished to they could stop this. They could unambiguously make clear that they would refuse to cooperate at such a level that the federal government would have to flood the city with troops to enable the UN to function. They could have every automobile with DPL or FC plates towed away and keep the Department of State busy getting them released. They could dig up the streets and send in Health Inspectors. They could make ConEd turn off the electricity and order State Bank Examiners in to examine all their accounts. They won't.

Bloomberg is the Mayor who worked behind the scenes to ram through the WTC mosque. Andrew Cuomo is tied to the NY Times and the corrupt Clinton Era real estate interests and shady money, with Chinese connections, that already weakened this country. We are like defenseless lambs now and the wolves are coming to town.

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