Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comment on Daniel Hannan, Telegraph Blogs:
Ten reasons to vote No to AV

Ten reasons to vote No to AV – Telegraph Blogs

It strikes me that the problem is engineered election districts that leave a substantial minority feeling disenfranchised. There are two solutions to that problem.

First ensure that no one is trapped in a hostile community. This especially applies to people feeling pressured by closed immigrant societies. If you do not like that your neighbors have voted Labour or Tory then you always can move.

Second is that you can increase the number of seats. Why can't Parliament be enlarged? If the Commons held a thousand seats, or even two thousand, then the composition would more closely resemble the popular will. Politicians would be more closely supervised by and reflective of the will of, their constituents. The only contrary argument that I see is that it might necessitate building a new hall to hold them in. In fact most of the important work now happens out of the main chamber. More legislatures would allow them to specialize and more closely supervise the administrative officers of the government. The population of the UK has doubled in the last 150 years. It may be time to double the size of Parliament.

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