Monday, December 27, 2010

Comment on David Webb's Facebook:
If the RNC takes a hard right turn ...

If the RNC takes a...

"If the RNC takes a hard right turn and violates the Reagan big tent principles I'm out. Sick of extremists."
David every person, almost wrote "man" but I will modify my prose in this instance, must set their own standards. The concern must be not to allow anyone who is an ideologue to define your parameters for you. If you allow the Hard Left to set the goal posts and define "Extremist" or "Consensus" then you will lose. The same is true for those you would identify as Rightest or Libertarian. We are a Center-right nation. My Rule of Thumb is to ask what would have seemed reasonable when things generally worked, ie 50 to 60 years ago. Correct for obvious abuses that were acknowledged at that time and resist other changes that would weaken what worked. That strikes me as Practical Conservatism.

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