Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comment on The Telegraph:
Vince Cable: I could bring down the Government

Vince Cable: I could bring down the Government - Telegraph

This should put Vince Cable on the short list for Nowhere. Who can trust him now? Not just that he can plot to bring down the government, that is expected, but that his judgment is so poor. When a suitable replacement is in position now he can be given the sack. The good news is that he has provided a reason to rethink subsidies for those who do not need them so that "means testing" can be introduced. The best news is that once he is gone then Britain may be able to get some control over immigration. David Cameron had better put the fear of God into Oliver Letwin after this. If the Tories do not instill some discipline over the abuse of asylum and immigration by the unskilled then enough voters will shift towards the BNP or Labour by the next election to bring down the government.

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