Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comment on PJM, Roger L. Simon »
The Omnibus Bill’s ‘Hit Parade’ of Senatorial Theft

Roger L. Simon » The Omnibus Bill’s ‘Hit Parade’ of Senatorial Theft

The Porkulus died to soon. It would have been better to run out the clock with it and then force through the bare minimum essential business and go home. The two and only two things that need to be done are a Continuing Resolution and a Bill to extend the tax rates. Unfortunately Reid now has over a week to push through the START treaty, and then join in Pelosi's final curses, DADT repeal, and finally the nuclear bomb on Democracy in America, the DREAM Act.

As a principle it is unwise to tinker with the Constitution. Calls to change it inevitably sound like a harrumphing of "There ought to be a law." The new Congress needs to consider some Constitutional reforms. High on the list should be eliminating the Lame Duck session of Congress. The Congress should adjourn before the election. If the President calls either or both Houses into session, as is in his power, to conduct necessary business between the election and January 05th then the newly elected Members should be sworn in. Provision can be made for the outgoing Speaker of the House and the President pro-tempore of the Senate and a minimum staff to stay on duty as needed.

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