Saturday, June 26, 2010

Under Rocks

(fm the BC thread "Holding the Bag")

Subotai Bahadur,
Strictly speaking the Electors vote separately for POTUS and VEEP. That means that we could have gotten BHO disqualified and ended up with John McCain as President and Joe Biden as VP. In order to disqualify the VP there would IMHO be a need to show that they were personally ineligible, since they are elected on a separate ballot. The Founders got a little lazy about the VP slot. For example according to the Constitution the VP gets to preside over their own Impeachment trial in the Senate.

If the new Congress does an investigation and the results are ugly we face a choice. We can push for a scrubbing from the body politic of all who benefited from the fraud or we can make a deal. The former would be John Brown's answer, to "purge this unhappy land in blood." Upon reflection we may prefer to offer a compromise based upon the level of culpability of residual beneficiaries of the fraud. To me that means we should be guided by Lincoln's intended policy for Amnesty and Reconstruction of the South after the last time the Democratic Party attempted an oligarchic insurrection. If Joe Biden is guilty only of ignorance, ambition, and fellow traveling then for the good of the country I would elevate him to the Oval Office, even if the office really belongs to McCain. If he was a knowing co-conspirator, in other words if he sat in a meeting with Soros and Valerie Jarett where Obama's eligibility was discussed, which I would be very surprised to discover, then I would impeach him and ship him over to the District Court for a criminal trial.

Friends told me that the reason there is a Nobel Prize in Physics but not in Mathematics is that Alfred Nobel's wife ran off with a mathematician. The story is to good to verify. The Economics Nobel is an "Award" and not a "Prize" because it was not included in Nobel's will but was established later.

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