Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking for Leaders, In All the Wrong Places

(fm the BC thread "The Gulf")

Correct, Obama did recite the shahada to Nicholas Kristoff but it was not presented as a statement of faith, any more that is than a singer who might be Jewish performing White Christmas or even Ave Maria. Of course he did it to be deliberately provocative, in the same way he would gesture with his finger towards Hillary while giving a knowing look to his supporters. I am surprised that in addition to his play at bad boy pimp daddy clothes in College we haven't found any photos of him in other fantasy costumes, Black Panther Commando, Ché Commandante or even KKK robe and hood as an edgy joke. There is the air of the frozen adolescent about him.

Correct, there are no permanent victories. The empty vessels will seek a new Conductor to fill them and play them like Franklin's Glass Armonica. We must renew the battle every day. Take comfort in the thought that means that passing setbacks are not permanent defeats either.

There are competent Democrats who have run large private businesses. In addition to Sam Walton of Walmart there is Steve Jobs of Apple and several others in the technology business. In addition while the producers were traditionally more likely to be identified as Republicans in the days of the Studio System almost everyone in authority now in Hollywood is aligned with the Left. That is despite the fact that their personal business expectations are ruthlessly competitive and their personal social conduct is often more exploitative than their fantasy Republicans. Wag the Dog was prescient in showing Hollywood management being brought to Washington.

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