Saturday, June 05, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Ideologue"

The problem with Obama is not that he is an ideologue. The problem is that he is a deceitful dishonest ideologue. His public pronouncements, environmental sensitivity, post-racialism, and risk free prosperity coupled with personal freedom, are completely separate from what his actual goals are. It is the need by those on the Left to operate through subterfuge to attain their goals that puts them in the emotional position of conspirators. That makes them reflexively sympathetic to other utopian conspirators, even when there is no unified plan. The sincerity of their belief in the goals sought may be real but since they know that they cannot openly proclaim their program they have to lie. From the lie it is a short step to other forms of corruption and then since the masses cannot be trusted the default relationship becomes one of treason. An honest ideologue who lays out their program, as Reagan did, terrifies the would be oligarch who relies on deceit.

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