Monday, June 28, 2010

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Dominating the New Discourse

Belmont Club » Dominating the New Discourse

Production has costs. While the technical cost of capturing and distributing a collection of data might go down there is still a need for actors and costumers and writers. It may be possible to tell the story of Cleopatra with hand held cameras and a few friends Blair Witch style but it will still look like a good or even brilliant example of work on the cheap. We should be careful not to mix up two problems. One is that the established production companies, in film, television and journalism, have placed their emotional allegiances ahead of the interests of their audience. The second is that they have become lazy and failed to effectively deliver content. While I can decry the abuse and treason of those who control the legacy of the of the 20th century's mass communications great industrial enterprises that does not mean that I shall cheer their passing. The creations of David Sarnoff, Samuel Goldfish, Adolph Ochs, and a host of other smart tough creative people vastly increased human knowledge and liberty and wealth. We were a fortunate people when we had thousands of hard working creative people making movies and thousands of had working creative people, often as was mentioned on another thread high school drop outs, competing to bring us the news. For myself I think that they kept us grounded and aware that perfumed princes in search of Wagyu beef were exotic objects of scorn.

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