Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Comment on - NYPOST.com:
Bloomberg aide accused of stealing campaign funds

Bloomberg aide accused of stealing campaign funds - NYPOST.com

Haggerty's brother Bart was in charge of the Queens office for the Bloomberg campaign. Most of the campaign was a shoddy waste of money with Canvassers who were hired off of Craig's List barely pretending to do the work. In fact it is likely that the final week of GOTV was so poorly targeted that it brought out more votes for Thompson than Bloomberg. Nevertheless a few of the staff worked very hard pulling out a close victory. This has nothing to do with ideology but simple practical management.

After the campaign ended there were no phone calls or job offers for those who had put in the effort. Now the reason becomes clearer. When someone abuses a position of trust, as John Haggerty is accused of doing, he not only assumes a risk for himself. That can be accepted, if you are willing to do the time then I can understand that a decent person might attempt a crime. What is unacceptable is to impose the costs on other decent hardworking people. Everyone who worked in the Queens office is now unable to refer to their connection with a winning campaign and suffers the Mayor's distaste at anything that can remind him of an embarrassing betrayal.

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