Friday, June 11, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Singer Not the Song"

Belmont Club » The Singer Not the Song

Disagree. The Thinker aspires to be a Doer. Pol Pot's mother said that his nose was never out of a book. The greatest danger is, as you imply without expanding on, when the pseudo-intellectual latches onto the formulations of the nihilist to justify the malevolent abuse of Power. Sometimes the Thinker becomes his own Demon. Guzman of the Sendero Luminoso is what less courageous or honest academic sociopaths, like Bill Ayers or I suspect Singer, aspire to be. So they suck off the good life of tenure and the NYT social set while looking for a less academically competent, but also less inhibited in their narcissistic ambition, vessel to execute the would be Puppet Master's dreams. Meet Barack Obama.

Time wounds all Heels.

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