Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Comment on The Belmont Club:
“I didn’t want to do it”

Comment on The Belmont Club: “I didn’t want to do it”

It is a stretch but there is a thread that ties together struggling against a psychopath's defense, the fight against the Jihadis and rediscovering Jolson. The enemies, or if you subscribe to a religious view The Enemy, seek(s) control by isolating an individual, or billions of atomized individuals, so that they can control all sensory inputs. All information that could lead to independent thought is blocked. The past is progressively scrapped away. The Predator Joran Van Der Sloot isolates his victim and gets his thrill from dominating them. For a brief moment he becomes their world. A criminal like Bernard Madoff does the same thing, only they seek the victims money not their life. The contempt for the object of their exploitation is the same. Islam scrapes away all memory of a communities past, it decultures it's victims. When you remember you become a free agent capable of shaping the future.

Watch The Jazz Singer and strike a blow for Liberty.

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