Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Oily Politics

(fm the BC thread "The Gulf")

Concur, I was responding to your line asking where they could even find a Democratic Romney.
Name a prominent Democrat best known for accomplishing something outside of politics

... very revealing. Unfortunately, they were revealing mostly of the projection of The Mind of LOTM onto Obama’s actions. There is not enough data, nor an explanation from Obama himself in Kristof’s article for either you, me or anyone else to say definitively what was his primary motivation.
Your point is essentially the same as mine, we cannot assume that he was saying the shahada as a declaration of faith but he did know exactly what he was doing. We combine reason and the evidence available, including that of our experience, to find the simplest explanation of what we see, and test those explanations against future events. Your logic for turning that into a personal criticism of me is unexplained.

There is a passing side benefit for the Democrats in the destruction of the Gulf fishing industry that you describe so well. Many of those fishermen were anti-communist Vietnamese. Someplace in the back of their heads I think the people who derived satisfaction from the "General Betray Us" advert in the NY Times derive a small thrill from knowing that the lackey stooges of imperialism are suffering.

In 1969 the chant was "Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, NLF is Gonna Win."
I remember.

whitehall et al have mentioned Jamie Gorelick. She is not only a "Friend of Hillary" and one of the three, with Franklin Raines and the "Friend of Barney," who raped Fannie Mae but she has since moved on to the Board of Schlumberger. Trans-Ocean (ticker RIG) who owned the rig is a spin off from SLB.

Good point, millions for the connected and chump change for the "little people." BP probably did not set this up as part of a murderous conspiracy but, with the pay off in the latest version of the Frankenstein Monster Cap and Trade bill they wrote, BP is deeply compromised.

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