Monday, June 28, 2010

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The Cambridge Ring was a homosexual cabal. They were more dangerous than just corruptors of the culture. Some years ago in the basement of the US Navy's facility in Munich I found some maps in the basement. One of them was a chart of the Adriatic coastline of Albania with operational markings. During the late 1940s to early 1950s the nascent CIA and MI6 attempted to run agents into Albania. The liaison between the British and American intelligence agencies was Kim Philby. Every man sent on those operations died. I held their death certificate in my hands. Frozen adolescents playing at espionage have real world consequences.

Now Pootie Poot the Pederast Midget is reduced to carrying China's water and sending trolls to call his enemies "tie eater." The pity is that if the Russians really believed in themselves and freed themselves from an addiction to self pity that manifests itself in self destruction and parasitism, in a Stockholm Syndrome reflection of the Islamists that they have been fighting for a thousand years, they could achieve great things as a bulwark and partner of the West.

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