Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out On A Limb

(fm the BC thread "The Gulf")

Your #84 was below your usual standards, for some reason for the last week you have been more engaged in the personal challenge than the conceptual search. Broad assertions are either unprovable or falsifiable and turn out to be an unreliable foundation for an argument. You would have down your case more good by simply stating that you were unaware of any evidence that he had stated the shahadah. A discussion of whether he is a secret believer or a deliberate secret advocate, treasonous or not, would be a separate issue that you could then fight out on its own terms. By phrasing things as you did you weaken your ability to effectively engage on either position.

It will work better to focus on an argument and then carefully engage a single respondant if you believe that you can prove bad faith on their part. More broad based assertions on your part make you look like the one engaging in stereotyping, which is exactly what I believe you wish to combat. In essence you have allowed those you disagree with to put you in the position of saying "Youse guys are jerks." That is a no win position for you and appears to be a challenge to the entire BC community, including those who do not generally engage in extended disagreements. My suggestion is that you walk this back a little so that you can make your points on a firmer basis.

On occasion I have engaged in vigorous personal disputes with others here. Sometimes we were on the same side and sometimes we were not. On this occasion my advice to you is tactical and well meant even if I do agree with those who suspect Obama of harboring bad faith whatever his overt identification.

There probably could be a good thread, if it could be protected against trashing, on the intersections of sexual perspectives and political identifications. There are homosexual men and lesbian women, two groups who broadly speaking do not have identical interests in all political or cultural issues, who are found in both Conservative and Libertarian circles, those two not being at all the same, as well as the majority who identify with the Liberal community. The reasons for these varying allegiances deserve exploration. Conflating that discussion with one on the religious identification of BHO seems unwise.


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