Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
Enemy At the Gates

Belmont Club » Enemy At the Gates

Perpetually Useful Headlines; a proposed collective series.

1. Psychic Arrested: They Didn't See It Coming.


Big News that is swept under the carpet by the cascade of little news.

In Oakland an alliance of Islamists, Communists and Anti-Semites backed the West Coast Longshoreman's Union in refusing to unload an Israeli ship. The West Coast Longshoreman's Union has been a known subversive threat to our national security for almost 100 years. Their efforts to impose on behalf of foreign interests a radical agenda goes back to the days of the IWW (Wobblies) and for decades the government factored in the need to prevent their efforts to frustrate military operations in the Pacific.

Now the dance is coming to an end and all the characters that were waiting in the shadows are coming out.

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