Thursday, June 03, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"May the Farce Be With You"

Ignorance not only replicates itself because it finds safety in multiplying the targets that any seeking to weed error must inventory but also seeks to reduce the number of honest inputs that error can be compared to. When there is no intel collected there will be no way to contradict the fantasy meme. Lies will become the truth. Hundreds of millions believed the story of Lenin in the sealed boxcar because no other story was allowed to exist. Hundreds of millions believe the story of the uniqueness and perfection of the Koran because no early copies were allowed to exist. The forces being shaped will be technically proficient but blind as their Masters. All powerful and malevolent but still ineffectual. Deadly to the innocent but likely to evaded by those who subvert the controls or who simply vanish. The system will only detect those who are not consciously evading it. Like the Census that relies on self reporting and refuses to sanction evasion it will fail to engage the serious threats that build in the dark.

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