Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fire Sale

(fm the BC thread "What the Russian Sleepers Did")

We are assuming that this case of Russian espionage was brought forward with the prior consent of the White House. What if that is not the case? Remember how the Navy Seals killed the Somali hijackers of the Merchant Maersk Alabama when they threatened the kidnapped Captain Phillips? Remember how they did that in the teeth of Obama's efforts to deny them the use of deadly force and how the administration followed up with a witch hunt on Seals that deeply wounded the Navy?

Yesterday on Pajamas Media there was an interesting article "You Deserve To Know — Unequal Law Enforcement Reigns at Obama’s DOJ (PJM Exclusive)," by J. Christian Adams explaining why he resigned from the Justice department after the dismissal of the New Black Panthers Party case. Perhaps we are reaching the point where the apparatchiks are running amuck and those who have spent patient decades building cases and following America's enemies are determined to shovel what they can out the door before it gets destroyed.

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