Friday, March 20, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"Message to Iran"

I wrote on the last thread about the US hoping to rely on the Iranians to get supplies to the troops in Afghanistan. This is an idea so transparent and sad that our best hope is that the wolves will be shocked into inactivity.

Gates of Fire
Israel is likely I think going to depend on submarine launched cruise missiles to destroy key facilities. The Iranians are probably going nuts, crippling their own productivity, tearing everything up looking for evidence of zionist spy sabotage. With any luck that makes the job of real professionals easier in penetrating their facilities. I would think that the first targets would be the refined petroleum products storage facilities, transportation manifolds and Iran’s sole refinery.

Do not assume that BHO would order the US Navy to turn on Iran and contain them after an Israeli attack. Do not fool yourself that he will swing into a de facto alliance with Israel. I assume the worst. Obama might guarantee the security of Bahrain and the UAE if they stay neutral. He might order the US Navy to escort shipping through the straits of Hormuz to protect Iranian interests and order the US to “Quarantine” Israel.

If Israel could do this with agents in place it accomplishes two things;
1) It paralyzes the Iranians and the Arabs as their worst nightmares come
     true. Decades of bogeyman stories come back to haunt them.
2) It serves as a powerful warning to the West that angry ignorant Islamic
     mobs aren’t the only thing they have to worry about. The Mossad
     could have a bomb anywhere. Let Putin stare under his toilet and worry.
     Let the Spanish PM get on a chair to inspect the chandelier over his bed.

A US sub just hit a US amphib in the straits.

The chinese actually listened when the economics professors told them that markets provide information and that government needs accurate information to prepare for future events. They are not democrats and have abandoned the Rousseauean Utopian Socialist ideology underlaying Communism. They are non-charismatic fascists. Obama and the Democrats on the other hand are still committed to dreams of reforming the General Will to perfect humanity. They do not like markets because they do not want inconvenient truths. BHO believes in the power of his words to transform the crude reality that markets reflect. Words are all he ever had.

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