Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"The entropy devil"

We’re Doomed and we can’t seem to get any professionals to turn on the lights.

We keep hearing "Wise Men" assuring us that Obama is "really brilliant" It is like it was a script handed out in the Charlie Rose green room. Some of those who say it have had a passing acquaintance with him and others are openly passing on hearsay and giving it the imprimatur of their own social standing and credibility. These are all people who rose through the best educational systems we have to offer. No one is ever called on it, yet it is a given that any competent teacher would have torn such a lazy position apart if no evidence or footnotes could be attached to it. We are constantly assured that Democratic presidents or candidates are really intellectuals. I can remember reading about the braininess of Woodrow Wilson, Adlai Stevenson, Jack Kennedy (based on his ghost written book and quotes from Robert Frost), and even Carter and Clinton. FDR was elevated beyond such considerations and on the other hand given cover as "a first rate second rate mind." LBJ was never mentioned, although he probably had as many brain cells as any of them. I expect that text books will eventually rewrite him as a Republican or delete him entirely. Republicans are of course assumed to be cretins.

Well done, further cash infusions from China would indicate not a burning desire on their part to stuff the shelves of Walmart but a chosen policy interest in subsidizing the entrenchment of BHO and his supporters. That would make them a foreign subsidized (Beijing) China lobby akin to the Saudi supported front groups in CAIR and hundreds of mosques, the Communist fronts the Progressive Party of 1948 and the National Lawyers Guild or the Nazi German American Bund. BTW the wiki says this about the funding of the NLG:
The NLG is a dues-paying membership organization, and various projects have also received funding from the Open Society Institute, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the New World Foundation and other funders.
Emphasis added, Open Society is Soros.

Billions of tax dollars going to ACORN is one of the worst things that has ever happened in American history. Much of the agitation to deindustrialize America has been arranged by the Billionaire Maurice Strong, under the cover of the Green movement, from his home in Beijing.

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