Friday, March 06, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"Heads I Win, Tails I Win"

The filp side of “To big to fail” is now “To incompetent to fire.”

OT two stories: 1) Mugabe apparently tries to kill his new PM and does get the man’s wife. 2) The Minnesota Supreme Court rejects Al Franken’s effort to dispense with pesky lawsuits and allows Norm Coleman to drag this exercise in ballot box stuffing into daylight.

The argument that it was someone else's job to vet them so they can't be stopped now is a reflex from Union negotiations. When you want to fire someone for being incompetent or lazy they will say that if they didn't build a case against them in the first two years then they are vested and it needs an act of god to remove someone. Of course in the first two years everyone is in training and can't be evaluated fully so they get a pass, besides the new hire covers for the seniors when it comes time to divide up vacations. Finally the union will point out that they got through training so they must be OK. Of course it is very hard to remove anyone in training. Trainers are there to train and not to evaluate. Round and round.

I figured it out, this series of prat falls by Obama with Brown and Hillary with the EU shows a diabolically clever plan at work. After 65 years of the US carrying the load for our dead beat allies Obama is going to make them take a deep breath, pull up their big boy pants, and stop expecting Uncle Sugar to swoop in and solve their problems, while he traditionally thanked them for giving him a heaping serving of abuse in the process. The 2400 word explanation proving this in The Atlantic, to be titled "The New Americanism," is being cooked as we speak.

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