Sunday, March 01, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club "Cronies"

The failures of wiki remain the failures of Socialism writ small. They enshrine objectivity and endlessly proclaim their affinity to it but time after time their prejudices are revealed. Cronyism is used as a straw man substitute for Capitalism itself, no real distinction is made, and condemned because it "corrupts public-serving economic and political ideals." That is an inversion. It is the accumulation of arbitrary government power that corrupts the market and distorts Capitalism. The offense is all the greater in China where the government is itself an illegitimate product of a "revolutionary vanguard." A more prosaic way of describing a RV is a conspiracy that uses manipulation, deceit and violence to seize power. The writers of the Times (both in England and America) share this perspective with the wiki writers that shifts the burden for corruption from the bureaucrat to the businessman. The susceptibility to conspiratorial fraud in pursuit of political goals that renders Leninist parties illegitimate also taints the current American regime. Even if the worst case rumors spun on the web about Obama are untrue his reliance on organs with a built in conspiratorial paranoia about America's economic, social and political principles makes all of his actions at best manipulations.

Regarding a comment by @NahnCee,
Obama's racism serves the Democratic party well. There was a risk that the efforts of the Republicans in 2004 were finally starting to break the 3 generation iron grasp that the Democrats held on Blacks, Jews and non-Cuban Hispanics. Without those three groups and whiskey's single women and homosexuals all at 90% and government employees sewn up at least at 80% the Democrats would be unable to hold onto Hyannis Port or San Francisco, let along America. By driving a wedge between Blacks and everyone else Obama is ensuring that they will be so demonized, he is setting racial relations back at least 40 years, that the Democrats will "own" them for another half century. The problem for the Democrats is that the concurrent demonization of white males may not be sufficient to hold this new coalition together and cover for the special treatment some are getting. In particular the natural rivalries or incompatibilities between Hispanics and Blacks or between Gays and others make this contraption very unstable over time.

Regarding a comment by @Kingston53,
The plans to reject domestic oil, shale and nuclear power along with card check unionization resonates with my view of his racial policy. By closing off the domestic energy productivity that America has available Obama seeks to preclude our rejecting a path of European style decline in favor of economic revitalization and strengthened Capitalism.

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