Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comment on LGF "Onion: Experts Agree,
Giant Crabs Pose No Threat"

My favorite Biology Prof was Monty Lloyd who did a slide show for what today would be called an Ecology class. Such things were just becoming popular then. He was an entertaining fellow who told us he had two families in two countries and used slide shows to describe various fauna and their habitats. He was good and knew his stuff. We were all 18 or 19 year olds. I still remember when he put one slide in a series of 50 or more up and it was a Common Louse. Without missing a beat he said "If you've ever had crabs you know what a bitch these are" and then he went to the next slide. He never did make Full Professor, during Vietnam he just gave everyone an A so they wouldn't have to face the draft, and forgot to stop the year the draft ended. Remember that back then Chicago was the home of the Gentleman's D. Nowadays some pinhead would probably destroy his free spirit with a sexual harassment complaint.

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