Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"The grandfather paradox"

You know and we know and you know that we know that it is nonsense

This will rank as one of the great political speeches to be studied for generations, I commented on Mr Hannan’s blog that he should post the full transcript so it will show up on Google searches.

The reason the accounts between the US and the Chinese or others are out of balance is because they have been free riders on the US provided umbrella of security and lawful trade. What is needed is a mechanism that transfers the tenders of wealth back to the US to pay for the benefits that they received in return for toasters and athletic shoes.

Argument for a more Parliamentary system, the example of the British and their Question Time. A system in which a Leader emerges after 20 years of being closely observed by jealous colleagues and tested by public interrogation is unlikely to produce an empty suit like Obama.

Argument against a more Parliamentary system, the example of the American Legislature. The peer elected leaders of the House and the Senate are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid If that is the best that they can come up with then we may be better off selecting our leaders by random lot. That would be closer to the Athenian model.

The AIG executive Jake DeSantis responds to Obama. The American Mussolini of Mediocrity should find a rock to crawl under.

The one limitation on the franchise that would make a difference would be to put it in the Constitution that no person who derived the majority of their sustenance from the public treasury at the federal level shall be eligible to vote in any election for Congress or for an Elector for President or any other Federal office and that no person who derives the majority of their sustenance from a State or States or component(s) thereof shall vote for in any election at the State or local level. No such disability should apply to enlisted members of the armed forces or officers called to active duty during conflict.

Existing limitations on voting by felons, or persons certified by a court as incompetent, need to be enforced. Secure ID systems for registration and voting need to be instituted. The extreme libertarian objections to a national ID card have left us open to having the entire constitutional system hijacked.

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