Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"Nobody there"

Next week will make six months since Lehman crashed and it became unambiguous that Obama was going to become President. The Brits are partly puzzled because in a parliamentary system you have an election and the next day the winner goes to visit the Sovereign and the day after they move into No. 10. Civil servants do their jobs and life goes on. A couple of dozen Ministers and Junior Ministers get to run around Whitehall offices trying to find out what is going on. For more on how that works you can view the complete Yes Minister on Youtube. In America the President appoints over 6,000 people, although only a fraction of them need Senate confirmation. Still the complete and total failure of the Democrats to prepare to govern, a task they have been presumably preparing for from their exile roosts in academia and foundations for eight years, speaks to a fundamental flaw in their paradigm about how organizations function and what government can or should do.

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