Monday, March 23, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"Obama hints at his Afghan strategy"

LBJ was probably a good poker player. He did share two problems with BHO:
1) a desire to recreate the Age of FDR, more understandable in his case
     because he did grow up in Depression Texas
2) a desire to be liked by people who despised him, WASP liberals and

dre and 49erDweet, “Are you punch-drunk?”= Are you on drugs?

A Conservative Teacher,
Bush should have not just defeated John Forbes Kerry, he should have spent 4 years rubbing him into the dirt and repeatedly making it clear that every problem that America has can be personified in the Junior Senator from Massachusetts. He should have made Kerry into the Democrats Hoover that Republicans could run against for 50 years.

Raoul Ortega,
Rum Romanism and Rebellion, I remember when my Jr High teacher raced through the chalk and talk themed on stupid Republicans and justifying the rise of the Democrats, to get past the unpleasantness of the Civil War. It did occur to me that Blaine's slogan was factually correct even if politically inept.

Rudy Giuliani would have punctured this balloon in a way that McCain could not bring himself to.

Habu you have it right, Churchill understood. Democracies don't negotiate exit strategies, they win or lose wars. They do not "prevail over an adversary" they defeat an enemy. By their own standards the Taliban are democrats. They all know why they are there, they believe in what they are doing, they consent to the execution of a common purpose. Obama has nothing but contempt for the nation he is President of and the Constitution that nation produced. He is here to act out his psychodrama with his father. Those he identifies with, not the same as those who identify with him, are along for the ride. Everyone else in America is a tool for him to use and dispose of, everyone outside of America is an audience at best or a ritual hate object (Englishmen and Jews) to be disposed of.

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