Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"Beginnings and endings"

If the government mortgaged our future merely to erect edifices filled with larger than life size tributes to the sexual organs of Democratic politicians then that would be less harmful than what they are intending. The real damage, as I commented two threads back, is in the twin strategies of weakening America before its enemies, by de-industrializing through an environmental policy that is based on a religious faith more than any science, by deconstructing the armed forces, by instituting legal regimens that make future successful military activity impossible and that make future private entrepreneurial capital growth unlikely, and by the entrenchment at public expense of a vast army of foot soldiers for ACORN that has already been shown as an agent of vote fraud and intimidation to destroy the lawful operation of business. As I noted on the last thread there are precedents for his strategy of expanded bureaucratic regulation, capital extraction by intimidation and anti-Semitism.

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