Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"Ships in the night"

Brown looked uncomfortable in Obama's shadow, he is more likely to see eye to eye with David Patterson.

Clearly he had to consider his choices as he sat next to Obama listening to a wee voice in his head saying, "Gordy if this idiot can get everything having earned nothing than surely you can go home and take care of David Cameron." He has to consider his choices. He can take the opportunity to declare the Americans losers and dramatically drop a knife in our backs. The shabby treatment he received actually works against that since he doesn't want such a big move to look petty or personal. Now if he wanted to go that way he'd have to prepare with a series of steps, getting cozier with the French, Germans and Russians. A second choice for him would be to run to the right of the Tories on social and security issues. Burnish up the image of Labour as the Working Man's party by cracking a few heads. A third choice is to essentially merge back into the Liberals as the party of teachers, bureaucrats and europhiles.

Re: Thomas Jackson's comment, "Its as of the nobles of France and Britain held a conference in 1300 to discuss the future of serfdom."
Close but the reality might be worse. Philip IV of France and Edward I of England signed a Peace Treaty in 1303 which laid the foundations for the Hundred Years Wars. Both extended the administrative machinery of government and both had policies of anti-Semitism that served both to rally support against scapegoats and to extract money to fund their adventures.

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