Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"The Eve of Destruction2"

Obama was nurtured by the Ayers SDS Weatherman wing of American Marxism and was supported in his campaign by the Netroots A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition. The later are a spin off of the Workers World Party fringe group of Marxists who straddle the line between Trotskyism and Stalinism. The strongest influence on him was "Uncle" Frank Davis. who's formal links were more to the official CPUSA. I am not aware of any links between Davis and the WWP. It occurs to me that no one has asked if there was ever any contact between Obama and Angela Davis when he lived in California. I have heard of links between the WWP and the North Korean regime but can't find the reference. We can speculate on whether Obama's reaction to provocations in East Asia could be effected by a desire to either destroy evidence or over compensate or protect those he sympathizes with. Whichever way he jumps his motives will be questioned.

@nomenklatura and ajacksonian,
What you are doing is making the link that I failed to draw between the fragility of our political system and the fragility of our financial system caused by excessive centralization and unification of authority, despite the concurrent bewildering multiplication of subcomponents, in my encomium to the original Republican concepts on the last thread.

Yes. What Cafferty is doing is throwing poo and yelling that anyone who is like Jindal won’t get invited to the party. If you persist in soiling the doorstep with your presence then we will send Charlie Gibson out to stare down his nose at you. What Jindal should do is respond by pointing out that he is just a poor country boy who is offended by the rank bigotry and snobbery of Cafferty (ideally he should wear a plaid shirt and whittle a stick during an “impromptu” press moment) but that he sure hopes that the education reforms he is pushing for will raise all the children of Louisiana up to the level of the many famous musicians, actors and journalists who come from his fair state. The key is to lay it on thick and let staff aids whisper that the Yankee is attacking Jindal both because he is a Person of Color and because he comes from a place with a non-English speaking (Cajun) culture. Then have a good laugh.

"Redlining" for conventional mortgages, if used as a trigger for significantly reduced taxation, accelerated foreclosure and eviction of delinquent residents (the opposite of what ACORN advocates) and incentives for new residents to move in and contribute sweat equity (here school vouchers could prove key) could be part of a program for community revitalization. That is what the race hucksters and subsidy leeches (think Rezko) that back Obama condemn as "Gentrification." The choice is between a natural cycle of capital reallocation and renewal and the politically entrenched effort to preserve pools of poverty as voting blocs attached to an unending stream of subsidies.

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