Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"Silence, ye unbeliever"

Regarding the report in National Review by A. McCarthy on Spain's grab for "Universal Jurisdiction," Israel needs to introduce Spain to the concept of State Responsibility. If Spain permits private citizens to abuse the judicial power then she creates an obligation to protect the external party and make restitution. Failure to do so could constitute a casus belli and justify Israeli responses to defend itself. The question arises as to whether the use of Spain's judicial authorities, with the implied right to resort to the police power or the armed forces to execute its judgements, could be considered an "armed attack" within the meaning of article 51 of the United Nations Charter. The United States should take a similarly dim view of such threats to Mr Bush (43) and officers of his administration. Bill Clinton responded to a threat against Bush (41) by Saddam Hussein's agents with violence.

In a triumphant society brave men use their creativity to wrest a good living from catching fish and reward themselves by eating steak.
In a declining society women live on seaweed and feed sushi to a declining number of cows.

Tony (who speculated that the left wants "to wipe out carbon-based lifeforms altogether"),
As they say in Chicago, "It can be arranged."

Twice I have linked to the New Year's Speech from Vaclav Havel on the spiritual and environmental devastation wrought by Communism. That is enough to think that all can take it as a given.

God or mathematics might ensure that sentient life returns to this corner of the universe even after a catastrophe but that may not include another Mozart. All things are not equal. What we happy few have built and cherished over the last 3,000 years is worth preserving. Some things are worth fighting for.

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