Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"Waiting game"

The rage that Western conduct feeds is greater than the hatred of Israel and all jews that the West ignores. On a basic level Nasrallah and company actually prefer the Israelis to the Americans and Europeans. They respect the Israelis and more to the point they believe that the Israelis respect them. In their 7th century minds the fight to the death between arab and jew is honorable. Western constant coddling of them only infuriates because it so palpably reeks of disrespect. It treats them like adolescents under the tutelage of a Guidance Counselor. This only throws gasoline onto the cultural bias towards misogyny when they face a feminized West.

We live in a world where adolescents kill each other because someone stepped on their $120 sneakers. When asked why they will say, "He Dissed me." When I was teaching a particular tough guy wannabe thought he could drop in once every couple of weeks to graze among the female students and perform a little disruption ritual. First he tried to play me with the "poor oppressed ghetto boy me, don't you feel sorry for me Mr Money?" act. He was nonplussed when that did not gain traction. Then I told him, "I don't have to deal with this garbage." I was thinking the word "crap" and he knew it but there are rules. What I was thinking was what I would have said as a naval officer, "Tell it to the Chaplain." Then I went on, "We have someone here who is paid to listen to your story, I'm sending you to Mrs. Nussbaum. She's warm, she's sympathetic, she cares." Mrs. Nussbaum was a well endowed, indeed slightly zaftig Guidance Counselor in her late 40s whose office was, honest to god, in a converted bathroom. The student instantly melted. "Please Mr (...) not that, you can beat me instead. I want you to." Sorrowfully I shook my head, "No." After that I failed him and then one day I saw he had got hurt, probably in a fight, and I helped a Security Guard carry him to the Nurses office. After that he followed me like a puppy and the tough kids either treated me OK or ignored me. I did have one kid that I failed come up to me and shake my hand and thank me, for treating him with "Respect."

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