Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"North of the border"

Comments closed on the last thread just as I was hitting submit on my final effort. Seconds count in life.
So I am offering it here.

CPT. Charles,
(who had a link on Honduran computer ballot stuffing)
First they Ignore it, then they try to kill it. If, and it is a very big if, this story of pre stuffed election results gets out I expect a serious debunking exercise complete with chin pulling on The News Hour. Obama is personally invested in the Honduran Zelaya. That makes the nascent Honduran dictatorship officially To Big To Fail. Once the cheap suit of BHO's credibility starts to unravel we will see increasingly desperate efforts to shore him up. He is like Michael Jackson's nose writ large.

(who wondered what the fate of CIT meant to GE)
Lehman Brothers so far is the only company truly sent to the wall. Everything else has been used as fodder to pay off favored allies of the DNC. The theft of GM and Chrysler must not be allowed to stand.

(who expects deflation)
To me it looks like we are heading for a swan dive. First we fly up and then we head down. Oh look, someone took the water out of the pool.

M. Simon,
(who commented on Russia's problems)
The condition of the fleet, the expiring lease in Crimea, the economic and demographic pressures, and all the other issues that others have raised that I commented on above, all point to the same conclusion. Putin and Obama are facing a closing window in which to act. The next three months may be a rolling crisis as the totalitarians get desperate. God helps those who help themselves but in his beneficence he might be offering us a second chance.

(who quoted the BC subject linked video as a possible GOP slogan)
Anybody who is too big to fail is too big to exist.
The second wave of billboards and T-shirts should have iconic images for the words Big and Fail.

buddy larsen,
(who noted one man's presence at every financial disaster for the last 20 years)
Larry Summers has one trait that makes him invaluable. He has already been shot and left to bleed.

By rescuing him the Obamists have bought an operative with no internal brakes. He is like a Zombie now. Isn't it interesting that the powerful coalition that ousted him from Harvard, cast him forth from Paradise with flaming sword to bar his return, has had not a peep to say about his return to a position of influence? When have these extremists ever been so accommodating once they settled on a victim? True they sold themselves out regarding the more serious offenses of Bill Clinton but they never before had to reverse course like this. It is more akin to the cycle of adulation denunciation and rehabilitation in a Stalinist party drama.

(who accused the commentator whiskey of being an insane misogynist)
Your frustration with whiskey is understandable but do not get to upset with men in general or The Club in particular. The distinctions that I for one draw between whiskey and MC or C4 may seem arbitrary but I hope that they are defensible. The latter two I see as using the BC as a vehicle to express their animus at the members of this community and the communities and civilization we cherish. The bottom line is that they do not choose to be of the Club even when they are in it. Our fermented friend truly means no harm, even to you. For one thing while his mantra may be narrow and repetitive it is not without some merit. Fortunately most participants in this discussion reply to him by drawing out other factors, failures on the parts of men that may have a synergistic relationship to the forces that are described regarding women.

When we as members of your virtual family start looking seedy I hope that you will discreetly brush off our shoulders and smooth our jackets before sending us off to battle. That is sure to get a better response then pasting long passages in a foreign language and expressing contempt for those present, as someone does.

Bottom line, he is not what Dr. Johnson called “A most unclubable man.”

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