Monday, July 27, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club, "Without borders"

There is always a series of tensions between one's online personality and reality. The idea to me was to adopt a nome de plume to ensure my privacy and safety. The Net is infested with maniacs who are quite capable of hunting down people who they perceive as purveyors of untruth. The problem is how to trust others who are using the same tools of anonymity as I am? The problem was made clear to me by the Tea Parties. You had to establish a Facebook presence to sign up but I did not want to do so in my real name since that would establish a link between my online and real personae. Yet if my real identity was known other social and even professional benefits could flow. Ideally to me one day Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes would look at The Belmont Club for inspiration and think, "Who is this clever fellow LotM?" However without a clear link to my real identity that becomes less possible then a lottery win.

The technical limitations of the Wordpress interface are real. The best blog around from a technical viewpoint is Little Green Footballs, they even have a closed from public view chat room feature. The owner had been originally associated with PJM in some technical advisory capacity but that quickly fell through and the site has failed to grow and establish itself as a significant intellectual presence and community for reasons that I do not wish to pursue here.

I have the original pre fallback site Belmont Club in my Bookmarks folder so I must have started following it back then. No idea what link I followed to get here or when I started commenting.

Some threads back when our host began urging us to think in practical terms I opined that to me the Club is a place of deep carpets and deep chairs for discussing deep thoughts over deep tumblers of Port. We need another room, perhaps a social network site would do, where the sawdust is deep and we can arrange events and exchange information on logistics and tactics. A place where the conversation is lubricated by glasses of Whiskey. I propose calling the second site The Tack Room.

Our world is pulled by two horses named Faith and Works, not my religion but I have been trained, with the Belmont Club a place that nurtures our faith. We need another place that will nurture our works.

Sam W,
(who assumed he was older then everyone and queried PJM's time stamp)
Clearly seems to be California time.
Don't know how old you think I am. My chief asset these days is my immaturity. Tired of mundane time constraints? Seeking to escape to place of both shadows and substance of things and ideas?
Welcome to The Twilight Zone.

The BC needs improved indexing and search features.

(who fears minimum wage Acorn mobs tracking IP numbers)
The reason to fear the armies of the unwashen is not their fearsome aptitude for index card shuffling. A decent computer system can do that task better. The dependent mob will be useful for more direct action. Voter role fraud, ballot box stuffing, council, committee, caucus and convention packing, business lobby blocking for intimidation and blackmail (Jesse Jackson pioneered that) and ultimately “we know where you and your children live.” Remember the trips to visit the AIG executives homes after the bonuses were revealed? They tipped their hand early on that one and it seems that orders went out to tone things down lest the public be awakened. Would that evidence of coordinating messages between Acorn and Rahm Emmanuel could see the light of day. Imagine what would happen if a bus load of angry people showed up outside of Jaimie Gorelick’s door demanding her ill gotten millions back?

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